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Site Update 21-Alpha

Surprise, a new shiny theme has appeared! I have spent the past few days working on the design you currently see. It is based on the previous theme which I have been using for the past two years or so. A big thank you to Ulysses for creating the original theme. I have put a little link in the footer for you. Although my recreation of Ulysses’s theme is not of the same quality, I believe it has some potential.

Wordpress edit media not working

9 Apr, 2011 - 1 minutes
I was attempting to edit an image from my media library, and found that I was unable to crop or resize it.┬áThere wasn’t even a sign of the image. The only error that the error console gave was “Image corrupt or truncated” I found that if you are to remove all white space, after the closing php tag from the functions.php, it fixes the problem . Wordpress Ticket #10633