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Stale Desktop Environments

I am bored of all the same desktop environments, they all look the same. They all have the same flat 2D display. since the release of Vista they have all gone flashy and shiny, that’s great but it is still the same as the old ‘95 desktop, it has a menu at the bottom and flat 2D windows. Yes there are some desktops that have some sort of 3D or 2.

Windows XP Choose User no password

23 Feb, 2009 - 1 minutes
If you only have one account on your Windows XP computer which does not have a password and it is asking you to “select” the account. It is possible to bypass this pointless selection by running this command in run (Start->Run or Windows Key and ‘R’) control userpasswords2 Then un-check “User must enter a user name and password to use this computer” That should solve your problem, let me know if this helps or not.

How to maximise your computers performace Windows XP

5 Mar, 2008 - 1 minutes
If your computer running Windows is starting to slow down, or running out of hard drive space then you might be in need of a simple program called CCleaner. I was able to save 1.77MB of space and that was just from tempary files that Windows creates for it’s self. I have save up to 4GB of space from useing CCleaner. It’s very good!

How to install a PHP Web Server in Windows XP

5 Mar, 2008 - 2 minutes
If you want to learn PHP you will need a server that has PHP support. If you don’t feel confident enoght too install a major web server and all the bits then good news. There is a software called Nanoweb, which is a free small web server that supports PHP. It works on both Linux and Windows. So for Windows download the Windows installer here TIP: Download the version that has PHP with it if you do not already have that installed on your machine.