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NetBSD: DNSCrypt Proxy Running on the RaspberryPI

24 Mar, 2020 - 1 minutes
These are my notes from cross compiling dnscrypt-proxy on NetBSD for a raspberry pi. It was surprisingly quick and easy. I did this a while back, but I found the notes today. # wget/git clone the dnscrypt source. # Build on normal machine. env GOOS=netbsd GOARCH=arm GOARM=5 go build -mod vendor -ldflags="-s -w" # copy to pi scp dnscrypt-proxy pi:. # create a configuration file <create config> # [optional - this will need to be done once and for a fresh install of NetBSD] PKG_PATH="http://cdn.

dmenu and Firefox Profiles

24 Mar, 2020 - 1 minutes
I use a few firefox profiles and since there is not a quick and easy profile switcher/loader addon, I’ve taken to using dmenu/roif to start firefox in the right profile. It will look like this: This desktop entry will run firefox with the profile called ‘work’. $HOME.local/share/applications/firefox-work.desktop #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Name=Firefox Work Type=Application GenericName=Firefox Work Profile Comment=Firefox but work profile Exec=firefox -P work Icon=firefox Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=Network;WebBrowser; Keywords=web;browser;internet; The important line is:

Some info on apt

apt-get install food apt is a very cool and easy to use package manager for UNIX based systems. Here are some simple and effective commands that might help you do things XD apt-get update - makes sure that all the information is newest. apt-get upgrade - checks for all packages that needs to be updated. apt-get remove <package> - Removes the package from the system. apt-get purge <package> - Same as remove but deletes all the configuration files.