tag: Programming

Netbeans illegal instruction Ubuntu

12 Dec, 2010 - 1 minutes
If you keep getting ‘illegal instruction’ whilst trying to run simple working code in using NetBeans and Ubuntu. It Can help if you disable profiling on your project. simply project -> properties -> profiling .. disable all. Might help, Pete

C Force stop on warnings

5 Jul, 2010 - 1 minutes
To make sure that you write good clean code, you might be wondering how to make your complier stop on warnings, well now you can with this additional command line option: -Werror

Game development Update

31 Aug, 2009 - 1 minutes
For the last couple of days I’ve been playing around with panada3D game engine. So far with out much problems I’ve been able to create 3D sound, landscape collision, 3rd and first person camera. I have also been messing around with blender and been able to UV map my models that I make useing it. This means that my boaring white meshs are all nice and colourfull see; The orb of Azumanga spins!

Frame rate independent movement in PyGame

19 Aug, 2009 - 1 minutes
To make sure that your game runs the same on all computers that can handle it. You will need to make sure that your actions are independent from the frame rate. To do this in python you can put this code above the game loop framerate = 60 #frames per second clock = pygame.time.Clock() and then at the end of your game loop put timepassed = clock.tick(framerate) This should help with makeing the game more playable ^_^ Hope this helps.

JScrollPane back to top

1 May, 2009 - 1 minutes
If you want to make your JScrollPane return to the top once you have enter some text, try this: myTextArea.setCaretPosition( 0 ) It places the curser back to zero and in turn makes the JScrollPane go back to the top. Worked for me, hope this helps someone.

MMORPG Update #2

9 Mar, 2009 - 2 minutes
Okay so after a very long time here is a MMORPG Codename Starquest Update. This only contains some basic images, which have been created useing the IrrLicht engine and varius other applications such as 3D Studios Max, Blender, Earth Sculptor and Photoshop. Below shows the lightmapping test on a room mesh. [Image lost] The lighting was created useing irrEdit, it generates the light effect and creates an image to be placed over the mesh.

Programming Variables Very Basic

12 Sep, 2008 - 1 minutes
A variable is data that is stored in the computers memory. A variable can be a number (Integar, Float) or just one letter or number (Char) or it can be a string of letters or number (String) in some programming languages like Java and C/C++ you need to declare and initialize the variable, this means that you have to say what type it is and what it is called.¬†With some scripting languages like Python and PHP you don’t have to declare them which means that you don’t have to say what type they are you just give them an name.