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New Design

6 Jul, 2010 - 1 minutes
I was bored with the old look of the site. Now I have a new layout, and with 10min of tweaking to get it to my liking we now have this. As you can see we still have the old Nation Pigeon banner which was created way back on February 9, 2008, it still has the original white lines on it. (anyone is welcome to remove them, in fact I might do it now … )

New Banner

9 Feb, 2008 - 1 minutes
How do you like my new banner - The last one was created by adam :D Thanks adam (I’m thinking of puttinging a random image script for it) The only thing about this new one is that it has a white line around it :D if anyone wants to give it ago at removing it I would be very happy :D Heres the NationPigeon PSD File title.zip