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Locally socket activated and containerised Riot service

17 Jun, 2020 - 1 minutes
This post details how to start a container when a port is accessed. Specifically, we will start an instance of the Riot IM chat service. This will let you run a version of it locally, instead of hosting it on the public internet. e.g. https://riot.im/ Create the container. Note the name and port forwarding is specified here: podman run -d --name local_riot -p 8081:80 vectorim/riot-web ~/.config/systemd.user/local-riot.socket [Unit] Description=RIOT Local Socket [Socket] ListenStream=127.

Migrating Matrix Synapse to Another Server

29 May, 2020 - 1 minutes
Its that time of year! My old synapse VM is getting old, lets move it to Fedora. This post will just focus on database and config stuff, if you want to know my matrix is setup, view this post. Old Box Backup original server, you probaly want to compress the SQL before moving it. sudo -u postgres pg_dump -C synapse | 20200529-synapse.sql sudo zip synapse.etc.zip /etc/synapse/* Fedora box Install and enable the basics: