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Steam streaming on a headless Linux machine with Wayland

5 May, 2020 - 1 minutes
These are the steps taken to setup Steam streaming on a headless machine running Linux. These steps were preformed completely without any input or output devices on the headless system. Only network and power cables were plugged in. Fresh install of Fedroa Server (I used 32) Enable RPM Fussion dnf install https://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm https://download1.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/fedora/rpmfusion-nonfree-release-$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm Add gaming user useradd gaming Install sway, remote desktop, terminal, and steam.

Project Gemini - Caster

1 May, 2020 - 2 minutes
Project Gemini is a new protocol trying to fit in-between Gopher and HTTP. Checkout the spec and FAQ for more details. I found a gemini client, called caster, which is written in rust and uses GTK to display the ‘cap’ (cap==webpage). There are other clients, however, they are heavily based on Gopher ergo commandline based. This are some of the packages I needed to install to be able to complete caster on Fedora 32, there were probably others, but I’m sure you can figure it out - if not ping me.

Remove Microsoft Teams RPM

23 Mar, 2020 - 1 minutes
Accidentally installed Microsoft teams and want to remove it? sudo rpm -e teamd libteam --nodeps Don’t use dnf remove teamd as it will take a load of other things unrelated. Some other tips: rpm -qa | grep team This lists all packages installed. I couldn’t find the name of teams after I installed it from .rpm file.

Fedora and TeX: Initial Setup with Overleaf and Git

20 Mar, 2020 - 3 minutes
This is a very quick introduction to getting started with fedora and TeX. It will cover initial installation packages, simple TeX to PDF creation, and git integration with Overleaf, an online TeX platform. Base TeX Much of my work involves working with lots of TeX, so I’m going to install all the packages I might ever need. Now that’s all 1.8GB of it. You can find out about other options and what it means here.

Sway Fedora 32

20 Mar, 2020 - 1 minutes
For a while now sway and all the needed programs have been included in the fedora reposititories. Here is what I installed: sudo dnf install sway swayidle swaylock This will get you all you need for basic sway. sudo dnf install waybar rofi This gives you a fancy status bar waybar, and dmenu replacement called rofi. sudo dnf install pass passmenu wl-clipboard This installs all we need for pass to work via rofi.