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Making an ISO from CD/DVD on Linux

21 Jul, 2012 - 1 minutes
To create an ISO file from a physical DVD/CD/Floppy/USB/Anything. Use the command ‘dd’ this creates a bit for bit copy of the original file/partition/device. dd takes two parameters these are if - input file and of - output file. In this case the input file will be the CD and the output file will be the ISO. dd if=/dev/sr0 of=/home/osaka/cd.iso My optical drive is located at /dev/sr0. I found this out my automaticly mounting the disk and using mount to view all mounted devices.

How to copy a DVD

27 Feb, 2009 - 1 minutes
This artical will show you how too copy a DVD. you will require a blank DVD, DVD Shrink to rip the DVD data to your hard drive andimgBurn to burn the data to a blank DVD. Step One Open DVD Shrink and click on “Open Disc” select the drive with the DVD in and click “ok". Step Two Click on the “BackUp!” button this will open up a window like the one below.

How to convert a DVD to AVI

25 Aug, 2008 - 2 minutes
I will show you how to RIP a DVD to your computer and convert it to AVI format, then you will be able to: Edit it Play it from your Hard drive. There are two versions one fast and simple and one slower and in more detail. Software you will need all free: DVD Shrink link Any Video Converter link VLC Media Player link Fast Simple Re-Author using DVD Shrink - This will create .