Sublime Text Customisation

Here are a list of some plugins I like to use with Sublime Text, you can install the Package Manager from:

I do a lot of markdown editing and pandoc converting. e.g. Markdown to PDF, which first converts it to LaTeX so it looks pretty good.


  • Pandoc: Converts markdown into, HTML5, PDF, and Word Documents.
  • Word Count: Displays a word count in the status bar, I like to enable the enable_readtime setting to give me an indication of how long my text will take to read.
  • LaTeX Tools: When I’m working with LaTeX, LaTeXTools provides good enough features for me without getting in my way.
  • SublimeLinter: A framework for linting code. I combine it with the write-good library to lint my English.


Normally I modify the Monokai theme to include some Markdown highlighting found here.

Recently found a theme called ‘Markdown Light’ which has some really good styles, aside from changing the background colour.