ssh login without password

If you frequently use ssh to login or run commands on a remote machine, it might be helpful for you if you did not have to not enter a password each time you want to connect to the server, this can be done by uploading your public ssh key to the servers ssh files.

With a simple command that will upload your public key to the server, create and set all required files and permissions.  You will need to have your keypairs ready, if you do not, they are located in ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/, you can generate them using ssh-keygen -t rsa

To copy the keys securely to the server use:

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ username@remote-machine

If you use a non standard port number you will need to put quotes around the arguments.

ssh-copy-id '-p XXX -i ~/.ssh/ username@remote-machine'

You need to have the following set in your sshd_config: RSAAuthentication yes PubkeyAuthentication yes

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