Firefox configuration steps

These are my notes for a new Firefox profile. I used to use Ghostry instead of Privacy Badger but decided for a lightweight option which does not push me towards having an account and will not sell my data.

I use a separate password manager (see here) and don’t trust PDFs being opened with in firefox. (I like them contained in AppArmour)


Extensions -> Disable Ubuntu Modifications

Plugins -> Asks to Activate ‘Shockwave Flash’
Plugins -> Never Activate ‘iTunes Application Detector’
Plugins -> Never Activate ‘OpenH264 Video Codex provided by Cisco systems’

Languages -> Disabled ‘English (South Africa)’


Preferences -> General -> Check Default browser
Preferences -> General -> When Firefox starts ‘Show a blank page’

Preferences -> Search -> Disable many One click search engines
Preferences -> Search -> Set default to ‘'

Preferences -> Content -> Check ‘Play DRM content’

Preferences -> Applications -> PDF ‘Use external application’

Preferences -> Privacy -> Check ‘Always apply Do Not Track’

Preferences -> Security -> Un-check ‘Remember logins for sites’


browser.backspace_action : 0

browser.fullscreen.autohide : false

browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab : false

security.insecure_password.ui.enabled: true

Install some addons

  • NoScript Security Suite
    • Whitelist -> Removed default sites
    • Embeddings -> Un-Check ‘Forbid @font-face’
    • Embeddings -> Un-Check ‘Forbid Adobe Flash’ (This is set to ask to active)
    • Embeddings -> Check ‘Forbid WebGL’
    • Notifications -> Un-Check ‘Show message about blocked scripts’
    • Notifications -> Un-Check ‘Display the release notes on updates’
  • Privacy Badger
  • uBlock Origin
  • Self-Destructing Cookies
    • Preferences -> Un-Check ‘Notifications’
  • HTTPS Everywhere
    • Don’t submit sites to them