Duplicity and Hubic

Install the dependencies (See note at end).

sudo apt-get install duplicity 
sudo pip install pyrax

Create a ~/.hubic_credentials with the format below. Get the client ID and secret from the Hubic website under ‘My Account -> Developers’, add an application with a descriptive name and set the redirect domain to ‘http://localhost/.

email = <hubicemailaddress>
password = <hubicpassword>
client_id = <hubicclientid> 
client_secret = <hubicclientsecret>
redirect_uri = http://localhost/

You should now be able to use duplicity to backup to the Hubic storage.

duplicity --no-encryption Some/Local/File cf+hubic://remote_huic_location

NOTE: Maybe you need the hubic library installed https://hubic.com/en/downloads Works with out the hubic library.